A strong resource management planning consultancy will provide its clients with clear direction and effective momentum - aligning people and process to ensure no detail is missed, no opportunity lost.


What we can offer:

Project Management

  • Coordination of consultants to prepare the required expert reports to support any application
  • Act as a main point of contact between the client and the consultant team, local authority and others as necessary

Policy Planning

  • Review of and provide advice on proposed district plan and plan change provisions
  • Provide policy advice on central, regional & local government matters
  • Preparation of strategic & community plans for Resource Management matters
  • Representation at Court-ordered processes such as mediation and joint witness conferencing
  • Representation as an Expert Witness at Council and Environment Court Hearings
  • Preparation of Section 32 evaluations
  • Preparation of submission
  • Peer review of plan change documents

Resource Consenting

  • Provide planning advice on proposals
  • Preparation of resource consent applications for land use and subdivision
  • Preparation of applications for variations to resource consent conditions
  • Preparation of time extension applications
  • Preparation of Certificates of Compliance
  • Preparation of Outline Plan and Outline Plan Waivers
  • Project management of consenting process and sub-consultants
  • Managing limited and publicly notified application processes
  • Consultation with neighbouring properties and interested parties
  • Preparing evidence for consent hearings and Environment Court
  • Preparing appeals and appearing at hearings on behalf of submitters
  • Representation at Court-ordered processes such as mediation and joint witness conferencing
  • Representation as an expert witness at Council and Environment Court hearings
  • Preparation of Notice of Requirements

Consultation and Stakeholder

  • Maintain strong working relationships with all stakeholders involved in a project
  • Public meetings and consultation
  • Engage with:
    • Councils
    • Client
    • Technical experts
    • Local community groups and individual
    • Iwi/hapÅ«
    • Statutory Stakeholders
    • Non-statutory Stakeholders

Master Planning

  • Working with consultant teams to create new visions for community, landscape, resource, place or site
  • Town centres
  • Golf course developments
  • Resorts
  • Special Housing Areas
  • Ministry of Education developments


  • Obtain information to assist our clients in making statutory and resource management decisions
  • Research into subdivision history with regards to resource consenting, consent notices and covenants
  • Strategic advice on resource management matters
  • Review and advise on regional and local government matters
  • Research into historic consents, and property consenting history
  • Research into existing use rights and lawfully established activities

Strategic advice

  • Due diligence
  • Advice prior to land purchase
  • Portfolio
  • Submitting to consent applications