Special Housing Areas – Huapai Triangle Case Study

In 2013 Brown & Company Planning Group was appointed by the Huapai Triangle Landowners’ Group as the lead consultant for the Huapai Triangle Special Housing Area, the first SHA consented under the Housing Accords & Special Housing Areas Act 2013 (HASHAA). This legislation focuses on housing and land supply, reduced application processing times, reduced notification requirements and appeal rights, an emphasis on urban design, and allowing for a proposed plan to be implemented and varied for the SHA before submissions are heard and decided.


The Huapai Triangle subdivision will ultimately house up to 2,500 new residents, over 1200 sites with a mixture of section sizes, a large greenbelt area, parks, a network of shared cycle and walkways, and extensive landscaping.

We co-ordinated a team of consultant specialists in urban design, traffic management, ecology, geotechnical, civil engineering, cultural, archaeological and market assessment, and worked closely with Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, Watercare, The New Zealand Transport Agency, Kiwirail, and Iwi Authorities.  We also lead the consultation with the Kumeu/Huapai community.  The key outputs – a bespoke masterplan and zone for the Triangle – were later approved, along with the subdivision consent for the qualifying development.   Following the approvals, Jeff Brown was engaged by Auckland Council’s Housing Project Office to advise on other SHA applications.

In September 2016 the Government extended the date by which SHAs can be established by three years, to 16 September 2019, to maintain the ability of developers and communities to increase the supply and affordability of housing, and to maintain the momentum of strong growth in new home construction.

If you are considering an application for an SHA, or have any questions on the legislation and how it fits within your area, feel free to call us and tap into our extensive knowledge of the process.

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